Shapes & frames: the best combo for out-of-the-box, wow-worthy design

Use a versatile collection of shapes and frames to draw the viewer’s attention and add wow factor to your designs

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  • Circle

    Circle represents unity, eternity and stability. Use circle as a shape for brand logos, backgrounds, to highlight a product offer, draw attention to a key message, and more.

  • Circle frame
  • Rectangle and square

    Rectangle and square signify stability, equality and security. The two are great choices for social media headers, banners, business cards, and more.

  • Rectangle and square frame

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Forge a unique brand identity with effective use of shapes and frames.

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  • Multi-purpose frames

    Use frames to emphasize a key part of your image, separate text from a visual background, and crop pictures and videos. Sans frames, your audience would not know where to look or what to observe in a design.

  • Multi-purpose frames
  • Margins and bleeds

    Use margins to strike visual balance and bleeds to extend your artwork beyond the trim edge (or the canvas’ fixed dimensions).

  • Margins and bleeds

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Use shapes and frames to customize and emphasize the key elements of your design. If it’s a quote poster, a brand logo, a social media banner, shapes, frames and margins can help communicate your message with ease and make your design pop. Also, use the MAD Button to get intuitive color and background suggestions to enhance your design


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100,000,000 stock images

Get access to 100 million high-resolution, contextual stock photos to communicate feelings such as surprise, shock, happiness, and more.

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Use the “Flip” option to rearrange the frame to suit your design and enhance its appearance.

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5 ways to use shapes and frames in design
  • Decide your theme and target audience

    Resize your chosen shapes and frames by dragging the edges to fit them into your design. Whether it’s a circle, square, spiral, or ellipse, you can enlarge or minimize their size for the function you need.

  • Explore our templates
    Use shapes to fill gaps in letters

    Known as counter, it is the space that’s enclosed by the letter form. Use shapes, both geometric and organic, to fill the counters in letters, especially if you need to emphasize that element of your design.

  • Add your brand colours
    Animal-based symbols

    Twitter, Puma and Lacoste are three of many brands whose logos are inspired by animals. Unleash your creativity and imagination, and use relevant shapes and frames, to create unique pieces of art.

  • Add names and other details
    Enclose text with borders

    If you’re designing a poster with a motivational quote or a piece of text, use a rectangle, square or a geometric frame to highlight it to the reader’s eye. It’s also a good strategy to match the text with a relevant background.

  • Add names and other details
    Highlight numbers, offers, etc.

    If your design copy includes numbers, discount offers, or a metric, frames are a great option to highlight the numeric elements. It will be the focal point of the design, with other elements complementing it.

  • Organic and abstract shapes

    Don’t stick only to geometric shapes. Organic shapes such as that of clouds provide a sense of drama to your design if used contextually. Abstract shapes are a great choice for road signals, car parks, washrooms.

  • Organic and abstract shapes
  • Curved edges, lines, crosses

    Use lines, edges and crosses to guide the viewer’s eye to the most important message of your design. Lines, horizontal or vertical, can suggest strength, balance and stability. Crosses symbolize contrast, but their meanings can be altered with the addition of visual weight.

  • Curved edges, lines, crosses
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Frequently Asked Questions
How are shapes used in graphic design?

In graphic design, shapes are be used to lend meaning and guide the viewer’s eye to the key parts of an imagery or visual. Shapes can be geometric, organic and abstract, and effective use of each helps convey sentiment through logos, social media graphics, banners, and more.

Frame (or framing) is the arrangement of visual parts of a design relevant to the subject. It is mainly used to make a design visually appealing and grab the viewer’s attention to the focal point.

Designers and artists use shapes to represent ideas, organize information, and provide depth to design.

Frames can be split into different types: gallery frame, floating frame, photo frame, tabletop frame, to name a few.

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