Apply stellar photo effects to make your photos wow-worthy

Choose from over a dozen filters and personalize your images to make them outstanding.

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Pixel-perfect photo effects for all

Whether you are new to photo editing or you are a seasoned graphic designer, Picmaker’s pixel-perfect photo effects will enhance your image manifold.

How to use Picmaker’s intuitive photo effects
  • Login Picmaker
    Log in to Picmaker

    Log in or sign up to Picmaker using your online account.

  • Pick an image
    Pick an image

    Choose a template from across categories. Alternatively, upload your own design using “Upload” option on the left pane.

  • Apply filters
    Apply filters

    Play around with filter ranges to make your designs pop.

  • Enhance with filter adjustments
    Enhance with filter adjustments

    Tweak the look and feel of your images with impressive photo effects that transform your images in seconds.

  • Share and download
    Share / download

    Share your designs on social media with a single click. Or download it in PDF, PNG or JPEG formats.

Go beyond basic photo effects

Don’t stop by applying photo filters!
Adjust the tint, blur, saturation, and much more to super-charge your photo.

Get Started with Photo Effects Now

  • Impactful images with effortless filter effects

    Feel the impact of your images with easy-to-implement filter effects from Picmaker. Enhance the visual appeal and fine-tune shade, color and contrast of your photos with one-click filters.

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  • Create the photo
    you’ve envisioned

    Picmaker’s intuitive photo effects let you recreate the image you’ve visualized. With dozens of uber-cool effects and filters, there is no limit to what is possible!

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Endless customization for picture perfection

Transform your photo into something that even your camera doesn’t capture. Customize as many details of your photo for that perfect image!

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  • Your perfect photo is only a few sliders away

    Increase or decrease sliders to adjust your photo’s brightness, contrast, hue, vignette, saturation, and more to personalize your image.

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  • Let our AI-powered
    MAD button do the enhancement for you

    Use the power of the AI-based MAD button to make your photos and designs come alive. Enhance colors, text, and image elements with a single click.

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Be flexible with your image background

Retain parts of your image background or get an image with a transparent background with Picmaker’s Background Remover. All in a single click!

Get Started with Photo Effects Now

Over 1.5 million designs created till date

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Picmaker free?

You can use Picmaker for free as long as you want. Get access to thousands of professional pictures, icons, and objects. Besides, you can use rare features like background remover and unlimited downloads without spending a dime or moving to a different tool. But, a free plan has only so much to offer. So, consider going for a paid plan when you’re ready to scale your design needs. Pricing page

No, Picmaker does not leave any watermark on images with filter effects. Yay!

No. Picmaker filter effects are completely free to use.

Yes, Picmaker provides you with tutorials, FAQs, videos, and email support to help you with your design needs.

We also provide LIVE chat support to help you get the most out of our platform.