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The only free meme maker you need to tickle funny bones

Picmaker’s free meme maker gives you hundreds of free options to choose from. All that you need is tweak
them to your style, and you’re ready to roll!

  • Our free meme generator lets you customize every little element

    Welcome to our free meme generator that enables you to customize every single detail. Fonts, icons, images, gradients, animations, and so much more. Get your memes out exactly as you want them.

  • Our free meme generator lets you customize every little element
  • A once-in-a-lifetime meme maker you’ve been waiting for

    Whether you’re looking to put out funny memes or trending ones, you don’t break a sweat with our templates. Pick a meme template that suits your mood, style and what you’d like to convey. And, you’re ready to launch it.

  • A once-in-a-lifetime meme maker you’ve been waiting for

The most uncomplicated blank meme generator
that gets you maximum attention with minimal effort

Make a hilarious meme now!

  • Make memes for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more

    Our meme generator lets you resize and customize for any social media channel - Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Create memes that gets you more followers and fans on your favorite social media.

  • Make memes for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • A drag-and-drop editor that lets you generate memes in minutes

    Upload your image, add colors, insert text in your favorite fonts, use backgrounds, edit images - everything in minutes! Need we say more? Say hi to the most friendliest free meme generator.

  • A drag-and-drop editor that lets you generate memes in minutes

How does Picmaker’s online meme maker work?

Picmaker’s online meme maker lets you get started in 3 simple steps

Launch Picmaker

Log in to your Picmaker account and look for our readymade meme templates. Or, start a custom meme design.

Choose your Meme template

Pick your favorite meme template from the hordes of options available. Customize your meme with fonts, colors, and pictures.

Download your meme

When you’re done, download your memes in PNG, JPEG, PDF, or share them directly to your audience on social media.

6 reasons why you need our free meme maker.

Whether you’re school student or a professional, our free meme maker is ideal to get what you want easily. Here’s how:

Free meme templates

Choose from hundreds of free meme templates that are professionally created. Our designers create meme templates after hours of research, so you don’t have to worry about what works for your audience.

Memes for everybody

Our meme generator is for students, pros, freelancers, and more. Go ahead, choose a meme template that your audience will love.

Not just a meme maker

Our meme generator gives you insane photo editing opportunities. Remove backgrounds, add image outlines, resize images and more - all in one click.

Store memes safely

Never worry about storing your memes securely. Our free cloud platform lets you store them and access them easily.

Get your brand in

Get your brand colors, fonts, logos, and more. This way, you can generate memes that always align with your brand.

Zero design skills

Creating a meme on our meme generator doesn’t any design skills. Anybody can do it within minutes.

An AI meme generator that can put a smile on every face

Our AI-based software suggests you hundreds of ways to make people smile with your memes. Go on, give our free meme generator a try, and you won’t stop smiling!

Make a hilarious meme now!

How to make a meme online for free?

A well-made meme can put a smile on the grumpiest faces. Here’s how you can create viral memes for free with Picmaker.

  • Decide your meme
    Decide your meme

    Plan your meme themes in advance so that it appeals to your audience. Putting out random memes that do not have an audience connect will be a wasted effort.

  • Explore trends
    Explore trends

    Make hilarious memes around latest trends and news. That way, you’re always in tune with the times.

  • Be original
    Be original

    Never copy somebody else’s memes. Rather, create your own style, and be consistent to your brand. That way you have more people sharing your memes.

  • Use meme templates
    Use meme templates

    The easiest way to get started is with a meme template. It helps getting your meme out quicker than generating it on your own.

  • Test different memes
    Test different memes

    You don’t know what your audience wants until you test them out. So, try ‘before and after’ memes, facial expressions, awkward shots, funny poses until you get a pattern.

  • Make it memorable
    Make it memorable

    Your audience will spend only a few seconds on your meme. And, if they don’t impress, they’ll move on. So, use minimal text, and expressive imagery to keep your memes real.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best free meme generator?

There are quite a few free meme generators out there. We recommend using ours because you have hundreds of free meme templates and umpteen options to make them stand out.

You will find several free memes online. However, such free memes might not suit your style and what you’d like to convey. Instead, use our free meme generator to choose a template and customize it to your style.

Yes, most memes that you find online will have copyrights. Instead, why not choose a free meme template like ours, and design yours. This way, you needn’t worry about copyright issues.

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