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Choose from 50+ standard dimensions for online graphics, print material, business documents and more.

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Pixel-perfect image resizing

Resize your images, graphics and documents to a ‘T’ with Picmaker. Adjust the dimensions and size of any image in seconds.

How to resize an image using Picmaker?

Create stunning graphics and share them in different sizes. Resize images like never before.

  • login account
    Log in to Picmaker

    Log in or sign up to Picmaker using your online account.

  • Upload an image
    Upload an image

    Click ‘Upload’ on the taskbar, to the left of the workspace, to upload your image.

  • Choose a standard dimension (or set your own)
    Choose a standard dimension (or set your own)

    Select a standard dimension from the 50+ options available on Picmaker to adapt your image for a desired purpose. Alternatively, fix your own dimensions and click ‘Resize’.

  • Download

    Instantly download your resized image, or share it on social media or via email.

One-click resizing for all your design needs

Set the dimensions of your image in pixels and click ‘Resize’ to extract a custom-size photo. It hardly takes a second.

Resize your image now

It’s only a click away

The Swiss Army knife for your next project

  • One button,
    multiple solutions

    Picmaker’s ‘Resize’ button helps you adapt your image to the size of a YouTube banner, Facebook post, an Instagram story, or for an offline medium. Feel the perfection with every resize!

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  • Retain image quality with every resize

    Upload and resize any image (even screenshots) without disturbing its original quality. After you’ve resized, increase color contrast, add text, and switch up the background to revitalize your image.

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Achieve faster loading times with image resizing

Improve the loading times of your web pages by resizing even high-resolution images. All without compromising the image quality and originality.

Resize your image now

It’s only a click away

  • Unleash the magic of MAD button

    Don’t restrict yourself to image resizing! Use Picmaker’s AI-powered MAD Button to re-energize your image with automated design suggestions, color enhancements and alternative font styles.

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  • Instant share & download

    Put your resized image to use with Picmaker’s one-click sharing. Alternatively, download the image in PNG, JPEG or PDF formats to use it offline or for print.

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No image file size is too large for Picmaker

Upload your images for resize in PNG, JPEG, SVG and HEIC formats upto file sizes of 25 GB!

Resize your image now

It’s only a click away

Over 1.5 million designs created till date

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Frequently Asked Questions
How to reduce the size of an image file?

Use Picmaker to resize your image with smaller dimensions. This will compress the size of your image file without affecting its quality.

Yes, you can resize and download your resized image for free using Picmaker.

Step 1: Upload the image you need to resize by clicking the ‘Upload’ button on the taskbar.

Step 2: Select from one of the dimensions or set your own in pixels.

Step 3: Click the ‘Resize’ button.

Step 4: Download or share your resized image.

Picmaker is a DIY design platform that allows you to resize your image as per a standard dimension or set your custom size in pixels. Upload your image to Picmaker, choose a dimension and click ‘Resize’. Voila, your image has been resized!

Yes, Picmaker provides you tutorials, FAQs, videos, and email support to help you with your design needs. We also provide a LIVE chat support to help you utilize Picmaker to the fullest.