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Get your hands on a collection of free icons, illustrations, and design elements for all your design needs. Choose from millions of paid and free icons and take your designs to the next level.

Choose from millions of free icons today!

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Choose from millions of paid and free icons for your designs

From wacky social media templates to professional presentations, choose from millions of free icons relevant to your use case. Select icons in multiple formats like png, vector and add them to your designs without leaving your artboard.

Our extensive range of paid and free icons is one of the many reasons why 297,576+ people love us

Designing is hard and we acknowledge the fact. That’s exactly why we have offered you a suite of paid and free icons on Picmaker. We want to help you create stunning designs without ever leaving the comfort of your canvas.

  • Free icons for your personal use

    By choosing Picmaker, you get uninterrupted access to millions of paid and free icons. Use it on all your personal designs like banners, social media posts, posters, etc. Add this with our AI-powered design tool and creating incredible designs becomes a walk in the park.

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  • Free icons for your professional use

    Impress your clients, colleagues and superiors with impressive designs and presentations. Use our free icons and create professional design that will blow their minds.

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Stop rummaging through multiple websites for your free icons!

Use Picmaker and access millions of paid and free icons without ever leaving your design canvas. Go to our ‘Objects’ tab and enter your query in the ‘Search’ bar. Get icons that match your individual needs.

Choose from millions of free icons today!

  • Customize your icons and elements to match your brand

    Once you select an icon, you can customize it to fit your brand or design theme. Change the colors, tweak it’s transparency or even crop out certain parts of the icons. Our uber-powerful editor makes this all possible in minutes.

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  • Free icons for all use cases

    Still think we won’t have icons for your use case? Here’s a small sample of our free icon categories to change your mind.

    • Furniture
    • Technology
    • Finance
    • Food
    • Space exploration
    • Healthcare
    • And many more…
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How to find your paid/free icon with Picmaker?


Login to Picmaker and go to your design canvas

Click the
‘objects’ tab

On your canvas, click on the ‘objects’ tab and enter your search query. You will see our collection of paid and free icons, that match your query.

your icons

Once you choose an icon, customize it with our powerful editor. Change colors, crop out certain aspects or even tweak it’s transparency.

Download your design with custom icons

Once done, download your design with your custom icon. Ta-da, you just created a custom design with custom icons.

Over 1.5 million designs created till date

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Frequently Asked Questions
Are Picmaker’s icons available for free?

Yes, you can use our free icons and illustrations on all your designs. You can also get uninterrupted access to our AI powered design tool for free.
But, a free plan has only so much to offer. If you want to access premium icons and illustrations, feel free to opt for one of our paid plans. Visit our pricing page to know more.

No. Picmaker has more than just awesome icons. As mentioned before, Picmaker is an AI-powered graphic design tool.
You can use it to design everything from YouTube banners, Social media posts, Ad graphics,posters, flyers to coffee mug stickers.
Picmaker has you covered for all your design needs.

Yes, we provide you with tutorials, FAQs, videos, and email support to help you with your design needs.
We also provide a LIVE chat support to help you utilize Picmaker to the fullest.

297,576 people are using Picmaker to add custom icons to their design.

Join the community and take our AI-powered design tool for a test ride today!

Choose from millions of free icons today!