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We wrote an Open Letter highlighting the #DesignOverload problem. If you are looking to get brand assets
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#DesignOverload is a real problem and we need to solve this together.

Download the #DesignOverload press kit

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Thank you for your interest in Picmaker. Download individual assets such as Picmaker logo and mascot,
or the entire presskit. Feel free to use our brand assets in digital and print media.

If you have any specific questions with regard to using our brand assets, write to us at yo@picmaker.com.
We’ll respond to your query within 48 business hours.

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Picmaker spelling

When written, Picmaker is a single word with no space in between. The initial ‘P’ is in upper case.
It is always written as Picmaker, and never as Pic Maker, or Pic maker, or PicMaker.

  • Specimen


  • Specimen


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  • Specimen


Picmaker Logo Guidelines

The Picmaker logo font is Dosis. We’ve designed it carefully to ensure it appeals to our app users and website visitors.
It is important to use the logo in the correct format. Please use the below guidelines to display our logo.


Picmaker Logo Variants

Light Background

Colorful logo for light backgrounds

Dark Background

White logo for dark backgrounds

Picmaker Fonts


DM Serif Display ( Website)


Lato (Website)


PT Sans (Web Application)

Picmaker Brand Colors

  • #A573ED To #F95A8F
  • #F67062 To #FC5296
  • #FFCD00
  • #8397B3
  • #3DE596
  • #343434
  • #F4F4F4
  • #ECF0F2
  • #E7FCF2
  • #FF5F66
  • #54536E

Picmaker images

Use the below images as reference for your digital or print media.

Design anything, elegantly

Unleash your inner Michelangelo to create posters, infographics, or blog banners. No matter whether you’re a one-man show or a team lead, Picmaker’s intuitive interface enables you to get going in a jiffy.

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